15 Benefits You Get When You Stop Smoking Weed

13 Feb

Does it make sense to the disadvantages of smoking weed again? Just as only a small percentage of smokers stop because they highlight the disadvantages of smoking cigarettes.

What can it help? Focus on the benefits of not smoking dope. That way, if you stop smoking weed, think of all the benefits of your decision.

1. You save money with out

In some cases a lot of money. Even if you smoke for just 5 Euros per day, you’re almost to 2000 Euros per year. And that’s without taking into account tobacco leafs, filters, lighters, transportation costs (gasoline, car maintenance, buses …), any fines or anything that you buy in night shops because you are suddenly incredibly hungry or thirsty.

2. You work more and be more productive

You will experience less delays and become more productive. That does not happen right away, but it is a big step in the right direction.

3. Your health is improving

There are several studies published about the harmfulness of marijuana, but the conclusions are often contradictory. Some studies conclude that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco, other studies suggest that cannabis smoke is as much more harmful substance than tobacco smoke. And that these effects are amplified because you inhale deeper and longer. You will live longer.

4. You are no longer dependent / addicted

It’s a great feeling to realize you’re no longer dependent on anything. Only you have control over your life.

5. You go back dreams

Once you stop smoking cannabis, you will notice that your nights a lot more interesting. Personally, I dream of great precision. I now even have a book beside my bed where I write down what I dreamed. A first step to moving on to lucid dreams, dreams where you know you are dreaming.

6. Your clothing remains very

Ever woken up and noticed that in that that new jacket or pants suddenly has an extra air hole on it? Exactly, well that chance is suddenly a lot smaller when you stop smoking cannabis.

7. You smell better

Maybe you love it but still it is a musty smell that hangs in your clothes after a night smoking weed. Whether your environment also thinks so, is another question. Anyway, both you, your breath as your clothes will smell fresher without blowing. That is also no excuse not to do anything regularly.

8. You remember better

Experiments have shown that cannabinoids, the release of various neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, norepinephrine and glutamic acid prevents. This reduces the neuronal activity in the hippocampus significantly. This effect is similar to a temporary hippocampal lesion. And finally it all makes for a blocking of the cellular processes associated with memory formation.

If you cannot remember, stop smoking weed.

9. You decide what you do in one day

You do not have to leave extra early from the party because you know that the coffee shop is closed otherwise. You leave just when you want. You leave your life no longer revolve around cannabis, but around what you want.

10. You need less sleep and sleep better

With fewer hours of sleep you’ll wake up rested. It sounds contradictory, but it’s true.

11. You have more time

All that time that you put into moving to and from your dealer, rolling, smoking and recover the remains. That time can be useful to use. And you also have more money to do fun things with that time.

12. You have more social contacts

Unlike whole nights and weeks inside all the time to blow, you discover that there is also an outside world. Once in that world, you discover that there are tons of interesting people and make new friends quickly. Also, you could agree more with your existing friends.

13. You look better

Whether you smoke cigarettes or marijuana, smoking creates wrinkles, dark circles under your eyes and less whiter teeth. Here you have less or no problems when you stop smoking weed. Your skin will be healthier too. So you get better by not smoking weed.

14. Improve your fitness

Just like quitting smoking cigarettes you will find that your condition has improved when you stop smoking weed.

15. You get more energy

Not only do you wake up earlier, during the day you’ll also have more energy. You have more time anyway and that time and energy you can use to workout. And with the money you save, you can finally pay a gym subscription. The benefits accumulate when you stop smoking weed.